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Allá vamos, otra vez

http://www.survival.es/peliculas/alla-vamos http://www.survival.es/peliculas/alla-vamos Interesting connections – David Nussbaum, WWF-UK’s chief executive said: “It’s hard to see an attractive long-term future for Shell if it continues to evade the scientific evidence on climate change and to...


A Dance in Time

Imagine a forest, imagine a place which begins to experiment with the relationships between everything, where everything is connected with everything else, now and forever. Physical, emotional and spiritual relationships with plants is part...


“Money is a lien against the resources of the planet. Every dollar in your wallet is an I.O.U. against Mother Nature.” ~ Vicki Robin


 – A Dance in Time

As part of A Dance in Time we intend to create a working lab – an incubator place for ideas and activity. ADITLab generates ideas and outputs…thoughts welcome… ADITLab is an instigator of projects...