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Curating the conditions to reimagine our relationship with nature by connecting people, place, and planet.

Pop Up Foundation is an ecological enterprise which addresses the central challenge of our time: decoupling human progress from resource use and environmental decline.

To do this, Pop Up Foundation brings ideas and practical action for sustainable living to people in a coherent, accessible form, focused on practical action.

We know that a deeper relationship with our environment has a powerful healing effect for the people and for the earth. So we work with people in their places to design solutions based on daily life needs which are guided by the ethic of care - for th epeople and for the planet. This is both empowering and positive, in times of change it is a hopeful message for humanity to connect with.

We have learnt that all the small changes that we can make in lots of different places can be accumulated, shaped, recorded, and connected. By doing this we all gain because we have a greater compound effect. This is how the Foundation uses its focus on Place to address the global ecological challenge - how to live our lives sustainably.

Naturally Smart _

Naturally Smart is a toolkit that encourages critical thinking about place, leading to sustainable actions in that place.

The toolkit includes physical and digital resources, training and development programmes, gatherings, consultancy and support.

Naturally Smart will primarily be used in educational institutions across the world, however the toolkit is flexible and could be used by anyone in any place.

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Naturally Smart

Thoughtful Coffee Project

We provide Ethically Traded Coffee with the profits going back into sustainability projects.

We can also provide your orginisation with coffee.

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Thoughtful Coffee Project

School of Sustainability

Read our journal of news, information, and thoughts on sustainability. You can also look back through our 9 years of archive..

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School of sustainability

A Dance In Time

A Dance In Time is a longitudinal study of our relationship to nature. Over a 30 year period (2015 – 2045) we will invite artists, scientists, writers, performers, and others to research and present work in Millemont forest, with one condition to leave no trace after our time there.

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a dance in time